The changes I have seen and felt in myself through fitness and exercise has made me want to share what I’ve learnt with women everywhere. The amount of support and confidence I receive from my followers, friends and family is amazing and it motivates me to push myself further every day. I hope to give back by sharing my knowledge of booty building, motivating, and inspiring women to live healthier lives.

My name is Samantha Dewhurst, I’m a 23 year old student and fitness addict from Manchester. I have previously just finished my post graduate degree in Teaching and I also have a degree in Fashion Marketing. I have a part time job working as a Personal Stylist in H&M whilst also riding my horse and working out 5 days a week, so I’m always occupied no matter what! Apart from horse riding, the gym is my second home. People may call it an “addiction” but I think it’s a great addiction to have. I still manage to balance my personal, love and social life as well as spending half my time in the gym, yes I do get my own time when I organise my week properly!

Fitness and working out was never something I was interested in throughout school and the start of college. I was more of a ‘girly girl’ who loved fashion and designing. At the end of my college years after succeeding in my textiles, I decided to opt for the fashion route rather than the sporty side of my A levels and then went on to study Fashion Marketing at the University of Manchester. If I could turn back time, I would have definitely gone with my gut instinct to choose a fitness/sports based route but hey ho, I suppose that’s what they call “finding your feet”.




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This program is accessible for all levels of fitness and is designed for anyone wanting to build a bigger and better booty. A lot of women think it’s impossible to go from a small shapeless booty to a stronger perkier butt, but that’s exactly what I’ve been able to achieve and that’s exactly what this program is designed to help you with!



I started getting into fitness around early 2013 when I was 20 years old.  I had no definition on my body whatsoever and after booking a holiday to Hideout with my friends and boyfriend I knew it was time to get into shape. My boyfriend was extremely into fitness and weightlifting so I knew I couldn’t go away and stand next to him without having some sort of definition on my body. Can I just add, it takes A LOT of determination and motivation to start the gym, it will be a tough journey but worth it in the end! I didn’t have a training partner, which made life harder as having someone to work out with is the best sort of motive you could possibly obtain. However, I stuck to my guns and was persistent in my training, which consisted of cardio, cardio, oh and more cardio. After following various “thinspiration” accounts on Instagram, I dreamed of having a similar figure – skinny, hardly toned , no muscle mass, and literally no booty! At the time I wanted what was classed as “feminine” rather than “fit”, so I continued to abuse the cardio, extremely light weights and low calories. During all this time, my boyfriend couldn’t reiterate enough how changing my routine and weight lifting would allow me to achieve a better body…I realised he was right and my mindset changed after my hideout pictures were uploaded – to which I was startled by the size of my arms, legs and no ASS in sight.

Deep down I regret not listening to him earlier, as my training would be at a much higher level than it is now, however you need to make your own mistakes in life to enable you to learn and develop into a stronger, better, more independent person. I’m glad I went through that stage as it just shows you how making CHANGE can become a great aspect of your life.  I now train 5 times a week 4 of them being weights and 1/2 days for cardio/HITT. I eat almost 3000 calories a day which consist of fresh, filling, non- processed foods – yes I have my cheat days and bad days, but it’s all about balance. I find it impossible to maintain a strict diet, and I also do not believe in these “special k” or “juice” diets, it’s all about making changes within your diet….not replacing them with processed liquids and foods. Throughout my fitness journey, I have noticed areas on my body which I dreamed of having i.e  “the booty”. Therefore, I decided to focus on this throughout the years of 2014-2016. Yes, it took me over a year to achieve the booty I wanted, however I am still training my glutes just as hard in order to improve each and every day. Just remember never give up on your dreams!


I was super excited to be interviewed by LAMODA. You can read the full interview here!